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When Do I Need To Premedicate For My Dental Work?

As a dentist, I meet patients every day who are not familiar with the regulations of antibiotic prophylaxis.  Patients do not know if premedication with antibiotics is necessary for them due to a medical condition or procedure they had done.  I hope to shed some light on the most up-to-date indications for antibiotic prophylaxis as they have changed considerably by the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons and American Heart Association (or by the corresponding national associations).

Antibiotic prophylaxis (or premedication) is the act of taking antibiotics one-hour before certain dental procedures like cleanings, extractions, and root canals.  The bacteria we naturally have occurring in our mouths can enter our bloodstream due to everyday things we do like eating, brushing, flossing along with dental treatments mentioned earlier.  For the healthy immune system, this bacteria will not cause harm; however, it can pose a risk to those immune-compromi…

Dental Health: Medicine or Makeover?

Activity on my blog has been more like a bog. Lo, since the start of the year.  But since spring has sprung and the cats off my tongue, it’s time to get into gear!

So first on the list, I just can’t resist, is a light-hearted discussion of teeth.  Is it medicine we do while treating disease? Or is it a makeover we bequeath?

To my surprise, I thought it well known, dental health is what we strive. But we have the knowledge from years in college to make your smile come alive.

But without hesitation and don’t be mistaken, like a house on a rocky foundation….If infection takes hold and decay grow like mold, your teeth will not last the duration.

This is serious business, can plague like a sickness, paving the way to pain and unease.  Our goal is your comfort but our OATH is to your health and managing the Dental Disease.

Some May question “what’s with the banter?” And I’m at risk of being a ranter and sounding as if on a soap box. So here’s my prescription, I’ll clarify the job descripti…