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Pediatric Dental Emergencies


To round out a series of blogs on child and adolescent dentistry, I would like to include a discussion on pediatric dental emergencies. Traumatic and non-traumatic dental emergencies can be stressful not only for the child but for the parent as well. Tooth emergencies can occur suddenly and can lead to significant pain and discomfort if not treated right away. Sports, running, jumping, climbing and bicycling are just a few of the activities that increase the risk for medical and dental emergencies in children. Also, 80% of all dental injuries affect one or both front teeth.

Traumatic injuries can be accompanied with bleeding lacerations, knocked out, dislodged, or fractured, broken teeth. What is done immediately following an injury can make the difference in saving or losing a tooth. The following recommendations will help save teeth and minimize pain and further complications.
In the event of any dental emergency, it is recommended to see a…