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A Dental Hygienist’s Humorous Holiday Playlist

At this time of year, I love singing Christmas songs.  I cannot help myself sometimes when I am at work and play with some of the lyrics.

(Sung to Oh Christmas Tree)

Oh Listerine, Oh Listerine
How brightly are your colors?
Purple, Orange and Blue and Green,
You’re nothing like my Mother’s

You started out with only Gold
So long ago, am I that old?

Oh Listerine, Oh Listerine
How brightly are your colors?

Oh Listerine, Oh Listerine
What are essential oils?
They kill the germs, and you stand firm
Your gums will look like Royals

So hard to choose, what do I use?
What is Zero? I need some clues!

Oh Listerine, Oh Listerine
How brightly are your colors?

Flossing and Brushing
(Sung to Frosty the Snowman)

Flossing and Brushing,
We should do it every day,
Good habits here
Take away the fear
And less money you will pay!

Flossing and brushing
Will keep the trouble at bay
For as the saying goes “Ignore your teeth,
And they will go away!”

There must have been some magic in those bristles…

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

The dental climate on whitening has been like a storm of the century. For over 20 years, young and old alike have become increasingly aware of the appearance of their teeth. Bleaching has allowed a more affordable and less invasive option to whiter teeth and brighter smiles. As we prepare for holiday parties and gatherings with friends and family, this is the perfect time of year to have a more youthful smile and add a little sparkle to our holiday greetings.

Forecasting Tooth Color

Yellow, gray and brown are generally the three main color hues associated with natural tooth color. Yellow tones in the enamel are most common and are partially a result of the underlying tooth layer, called dentin, reflecting through the enamel surface, giving the tooth a less than white appearance. Some have a yellower dentinal layer causing more intense shading, while others have much lighter color, resulting in a mild tinting. Genetics and enamel thickness play a large role in tooth color. Newly erupt…