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Orange is The New Black, Lock Up Tooth Decay Halloween Edition

Halloween cavitiesHalloween is my favorite time of the year. Something about the leaves turning and the gorgeous vibrant colors of yellow, maroon, purple and of course Orange! I love pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and I especially love jack-o-lanterns with the glow of a candle inside. With the leaves rustling in the wind, it’s exciting and chilling as there’s an anticipation of what might be lurking around every corner. My enthusiasm, however, would often become shackled by responsibility by Halloween afternoon. Not only was it the bewitching hour in my home when preparations for the evening’s hauntings would begin, but also the interrogation began on how long we would stay out trick-or-treating. How far could we go and how much candy could we eat? Inevitably the kids would also have homework, if the festivities fell on a school night, leading to further negotiations and bargains being made. I often felt like Monty Hall surrounded by costumed clad individuals on Let’s Make A Deal!…