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Pediatric Dentistry: An Early Start to a Healthy Smile

The United States will see just shy of 4 million new babies born this year alone, and August/September are the most popular birth months, with October and July rounding out the top four. What this means is somewhere around February the greatest number of baby teeth will be erupting, and teething discomfort and drool will be off the charts! Getting an early start on oral care for infants will help create a favorable oral environment that promotes strong, healthy teeth now and in the future.


Embryonic tooth formation begins with cell changes early in utero and “tooth buds” developing around 8 weeks gestation. Microscopically these buds can be seen in the upper and lower arches, representing each primary tooth. The teeth continue to form while the baby is in the womb, with the initial placement of enamel being laid down during approximately the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy. Fevers, malnutrition and some medications during the formation of the teeth can affect the health, color…