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Clenching: Suffern (NY) – Succotash!!!

Fortunately the Guerra family has realized several milestones in the last six months. My eldest child graduated from college, my youngest graduated from high school, and both my middle and youngest are attending college this fall. In addition, my daughter has the great privilege of playing a sport for her school in Boston and, therefore, I have the dubious honor of traveling over four hours north two times a week to cheer on my favorite athlete. Now these travels are same day round trip, mind you, which allows me to log over nine hours on the road in one afternoon!  Three and a half hours into the drive home, about the time I see the signs for Suffern, NY, my facial muscles, jaw, molars and neck are as tight as a drum. As I maneuver from one lane to the next, in an effort to expedite my arrival home, I begin steering with one hand while attempting to massage my cheeks and neck to relieve the tightness that has developed during these last hours on the road.

Am I Clenching?!! Sufferin-…

Chew on This! Eating Smart for Back-to-School

Medical professionals as well as nutritionists all agree that combining healthy food choices with activity and exercise results in a higher performance from school age children.  Maintaining low sugar, fat and salt content in school lunches and snacks not only promotes a healthier body but also a healthier mind that is better prepared to understand and retain the information that is learned in the classroom.  By the same token, these “smarter” food choices can also help promote a stable oral environment that is low on disease and high on health!

Sugar, Fats and Salt…Oh my!

Tasty and often  very comforting , foods and beverages high in sugar make us feel happy and rewarded for a job well done.  The initial impact of donuts, cookies, candy, soda, and even fruit snacks can be described as euphoric and envelop children in a “sugar high”.  Consumption of these types of foods raises the blood glucose levels, providing a quick onset of energy.  Children have been observed becoming awakened …