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Twas the Night Before My Appointment

Twas The Night Before My Appointment…

Twas the night before my appointment,

While lying in bed

Visions of sharp things

Run through my head

Needles and scrapers

And drills galore,

My living nightmare

Need I say more?

It’s a dental appointment

Creating this fright

Walking through the door

Takes all of my might

This appointment was put

In my calendar with care

6 months goes so fast

The alert says “BEWARE”

I’ve been obsessing and stressing

For over a week

My flossing and brushing

She will critique

The noise gives me chills,

The bleeding makes me faint.

When it hits the nerve,

That’s my biggest complaint

Desensitizing toothpaste

They say that will work

Flossing and fluoride

I shouldn’t shirk

It’s too late now

I’m already here


Let me be clear

I’m met with a smile

As she calls my name

There’s no going back

We walk in twain.

“How are you?” she asks

If she only knew

I’m clammy, I’m weak

It feels like the flu

Her hand on my shoulder

The tears they do come

This fear I have

I can’t overcome

“You’re not alone!…

No need to feel dumb

We can give laughing gas

Even make you numb!”

“We’re here to help you

Make you proud of your smile

Avoid gum disease

Help keep your teeth for awhile!”

The chair it goes back

I hear such a clatter

What is that noise?

Is something the matter?

“It’s just the instruments

Not the kind you can play

But they make your teeth white

And bad breath go away!”

Put on some headphones

Or watch the T.V.

It’s now time to polish

We’ll be done in a jiffy!

The nitrous did calm

The distractions were nice

Sports or news, even ELLEN!

Worth the price!!

My teeth, they feel clean!

In fact, smooth as ice!

This appointment wasn’t bad

It was actually nice!

They gave me a bag

Full of goodies for home care

“Let’s schedule your 6 months”

With a wink…”if you dare!”

Not only do I dare

I can not wait!

Meeting all of you

Must have been fate!

Full of Holiday spirit

As I drove out of sight



Happy Holidays From our Family to Yours!

By Julia Guerra, RDH, BA


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